BloodTrack® Hemosafe ®
Blood Management Beyond the Blood Bank

How does BloodTrack Hemosafe work?
BloodTrack Hemosafe is a vending machine for blood. Allocated and unallocated blood units are loaded into the refrigerator's 150 individual compartments (or HemoNine with 9 locking drawers) by blood bank staff, blood is dispensed only after the patient is properly identified, even printing a compatibility label if necessary.
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What are the benefits of BloodTrack Hemosafe?
BloodTrack Hemosafe enables secure access to blood outside of the blood bank in less than 60 seconds! This reduces blood wastage, increases patient safety and saves time for the blood bank staff.
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What is required in order to use BloodTrack Hemosafe?
BloodTrack Hemosafe runs on the new Angelantoni HemoSafe® or HemoNine refrigerator.
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How do I get more information about BloodTrack?
Please contact our sales team for more product information and/or a free demonstration.
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*BloodTrack is protected under U.S. Patent 6,983,884. Other U.S. and International patents pending.
**BloodTrack Hemosafe has been FDA cleared for sale in the U.S
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